The Conjoined Twins Who Will Never Look At Each Other In The Eyes! 👁️👁️

If you guys knew that you were expecting conjoined twins would you opt for an abortion?
Tells us in the comments Below!
Anastasia and Tatiana’s parents chose to keep the twins as a gift from God. They were born in Italy in 2004 as craniopagus conjoined twins which is the rarest form. Tatiana’s head is fused to the back of her sister’s head and she relies on her circulatory system, while Anastasia relies on her sister’s kidneys. They both share brain matter.
At 2 years old, all the family moved to the US to seek medical treatment for the twins. Doctors at Cleveland Hospital attempted to separate them in 2007 but deemed the procedure too risky due to the sisters’ blood pressure.
The fact that they are conjoined, didn’t prevent them from growing up as normal girls. They are able to move around, enjoy their favorite activity which is swimming and be top of their school class.
But the mother reported: ‘Since the girls were born we’ve dreamed of giving them lives apart. But we can only do it if doctors find a way that will give them a reasonable chance of surviving the op’. Doctors estimated 50% chance of survival for the separation surgery.
Do you guys believe it’s necessary to always attempt to separate conjoined twins?

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