Conjoined Twins Born in the Wrong Countries: Rarest 2 Pairs of Conjoined Twins!

Safa and Marwa live in a rural area of Pakistan and were to born in January 2017 to Zainab Bibi a widowed 36 y-o farm worker. Their extremely rare condition called craniopagus conjoined twins occurs just once in every 2.5 million live births.
Being fused at the head the way they are means they will never be able to walk or sit and have to lie flat on their back all the time which can cause a number of health issues.
Fortunately for the twins, they don’t share brains but still, their separation surgery remains impossible due to the financial cost and requires a highly-trained medical team.
Also for 2-weeks-old Abd al-Khaleq and Abd al-Rahim the separation surgery is impossible primarily because of the way they are conjoined. The boys share one body but have separate spines, lungs, hearts, and digestive systems. They do share a pair of kidneys, a liver and genitals.
Born in a war-ravaged Yemen in February 2019, the boys were kept alive inside an incubator but doctors lacked medical equipment necessary for their survival due to the war blockade. Despite the call for help that doctors did to international organizations, the twins sadly passed away.

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