Spectacular Diseases: Incredible Transformation of Roona!

3 times the normal size! 2-year-old Roona’s head has reached an unbelievable circumference of 37in!
So why did her skull grow and why this much ?
Roona’s parents who live in a remote village in western India noticed that their daughter’s head was getting bigger and bigger but they couldn’t afford to see a doctor and were helpless until a hospital in New Delhi decided to treat Roona for free after pictures of her emerged online.
Roona suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus which literally means water in the head but no it’s not because she drank a lot of water. Due to a genetic malformation, infections or head trauma, cerebral spinal fluid does not drain and causes the head to swell.
Doctors have never seen such an extreme case of hydrocephalus and needed to urgently operate Roona or she could die.
After 4 months in hospital and a few major surgeries, Roona survived and her head was reduced to 23in.
A year later, aged 3, she was able to smile, say a few words and move her head. Although, doctors are surprised of her fast recovery they doubt she will be absolutely normal due to brain damage caused by the extreme hydrocephalus.
This doesn’t prevent her parents from hoping that one day she will be able to walk and go to school like any normal kid.

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