Conjoined Twins Neev and Nelly Answer The Most Asked Question!

Walking backward, not being able to see each other directly or watch TV together, being stared at…those are ones of the many difficulties Neev and Nelly face everyday and yet they refuse to be separated even if it was possible!
The conjoined twins are 18 years old and were born in Suriname in South America. Their older sister reports that people there thought it was Voodoo magic but their parents insisted on moving them to the Netherlands to get the proper care.
At first, separation was thought to be possible but doctors discovered that the twins shared a vital artery in the head which made their separation highly risky. Commenting on that, the girls said: ‘As long as we’re healthy, that’s the most important thing.’
Now, the question that everyone is asking: Do they share thoughts?
The conjoined twins faced some bullying growing up. Their sister reports that they would get questions like “Why didn’t your parents terminate the pregnancy?”. To fight that, the girls decided to create a Youtube channel to share their lives with the world and show that they are more than a rare phenomenon, that they are, as they stated it, sweet girls.

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