Medical Mystery is Making Our Bones Bend!

An unsolved medical mystery is baffling the entire world as no clear diagnosis has been made for this disease that causes people to have roots-like bendy bones.
Months ago we have met Hindu Priest Bharat Tiwari, 53 y-o from India who is believed, because of his condition, to be the reincarnation of an ancient famous Hindu priest. He claims that he became like this after a wall fell on him when he was a kid while the local doctor suspects that his condition is caused by an excessive amount of Floride in his bones coming from water. Despite his condition, he is able to take care of himself and remains independent. For more details, the link to his video is below.
In the case of Sabal Parveen, 18 y-o, who bears very similar symptoms of the condition, her doctor diagnosed her with brittle bone disease which is a genetic condition that causes the bones to break very easily. She claims that she broke her bones more than 1000 times and that any loud sound can cause them to break. Sabal is a student and is very dependent on her mum for all her daily needs. The unique shape of the bones for this condition is due to the frequent breaking which also causes unbearable pain. Sabal lost all hopes for any cure and has accepted her fate.
Still in India, we find Raj Kumar who also seems to have the same condition although, sadly, his family’s financial situation didn’t allow them to seek any medical help. Raj, who measures only 19 in and weighs 41 lbs, has never been diagnosed and suffers from bullying and mockery. Although he is depending on his mother for his daily care, after the death of his father, Raj had to open his own candy shop to survive. Even though he only earns around a dollar per day, he remains happy that he is helping his family despite his disability.

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