Girls With 2 Vaginas: Rare Medical Phenomenon!

Nicci Triefenbach was born with a rare condition that causes her to have two uteruses! Her periods would sometimes last for such a long time that they would threaten her life.
Nicci’s condition is called Uterus didelphys and affects 1 in 3000 women worldwide. Many women live with this condition without even knowing that they have it and some end up with a big surprise! Like in the very rare case of Arifa Sulatana, 20 y-o, from Bangladesh who was rushed to a hospital in March 2019 due to stomach pain almost a month after giving birth to discover that she was still pregnant with twins! Doctors successfully delivered the two babies through C-section and after further examination, they found out that Arifa had two wombs: one which carried the first baby and the second which carried the twins.
Also, in 2006, Hannah Kersey 23 y-o from the UK gave birth to triplets at the same time. Two of the baby girls were identical twins and came from one womb and the third girl came from the second womb! The chances that women like Arifa or Hannah have triplets while having two uteruses are 1 in 25 million!
Back to Nicci who, sadly, did not have the same luck. Due to unbearable pain and complications during her periods and after suffering 3 miscarriages, she took the drastic decision to surgically remove both wombs. The couple doesn’t see the fact that they can’t have biological children as a problem.

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