Conjoined Twins Rabia and Rukia’s Separation That Lasted 1 Full Year!

Bangladeshi Rare Craniopagus Conjoined Twins Rabia and Rukia were finally separated in August 2019 after a long series of operations that started in February 2018!
Rabia and Rukia were born in North Bangladesh in July 2016 to Salima and Rafiqul who didn’t even know that they were having twins! The father said that he had never seen any babies like that before and didn’t even know that conjoined twins existed!
The parents were categorical about the fact that they wanted their twins to be separated but, added to the complexity of the surgical operation itself, the parents were not able to afford the tremendous cost of such operation and called for the government help. Fortunately for the family, Bangladeshi prime minister has issued instructions for all necessary treatment to be provided to the twins after hearing about their case.
In February and August 2018, the girls underwent a series of operations to separate the main sections of the large veins of the brains in Bangladesh with the collaboration of Hungarian doctors through the Action for Defenseless People Foundation. The operations were a success and one year later, in February 2019, the conjoined twins flew to Hungary for doctors to implement custom-made tissue expanders under their scalps to grow a surplus of skin.
At 3 years old, in August 2019, the final operation took place in the military hospital of Dhaka despite a more than 50% risk of death for one or both twins. A medical team led by 35 Hungarian doctors worked for 30 hours to completely separate Rabia and Rukia. The operation was a success and despite suffering a viral infection, which had made Rukia’s condition critical, the twins are in a stable condition now and will be soon able to start physiotherapy.

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