Weight Loss ~ Here Is Why You Need To Think Twice!

Matt lost everything because of his overweight: his job as a pastor, his wife and his friends…He reports that at a certain point he didn’t care anymore how much he weighed. But After reaching an unbelievable 625 lbs, he decided to face his weight problem. Through exercising, He lost, in the first year, over 200 lbs and he was very motivated but had a bad surprise: loose skin started appearing and pulling down with gravity. This slowed down his weight loss and impacted his motivation. Matt says that he is really scared of going back to where he was if his skin is not taken care of surgically.
Same story for Sal who believes that his 80lbs of excess skin is holding him back and slowing his progress. He reports that he often gets infections because he has troubles keeping his skin clean and dry and needs to stop exercising for it to heal. Also, Sal says that his skin is getting in the way of his dream of having a family because he is scared of meeting someone and for him to move forward in his life, his extra skin needs to be removed.
Even after losing 187lbs, Tanya says that her loose skin reminds her of the scared and insecure person she was when she used to weigh 387lbs. Tanya reports that she was motivated to undergo a bypass surgery after exceeding the maximum capacity of her doctor’s scale but unfortunately, she still feels that she is facing the same struggles because of the excess skin. She describes it as gross and she hates the way it feels. For her it still appears like fat and she believes that removing it surgically is the only way for her to feel free.

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