Merieme and Ndeye’s Father: “I Will Live With My Decision All My Life!”

This video is about the hardest decision a parent can make! Choose to let a child die for another to live or risk the death of both.
When Marieme and Ndeye were born in Senegal in May 2016, their birth was a massive shock as out of 4 scans, none even showed twins! Faced with conjoined twins who shared a liver, bladder, digestive system, and had three kidneys between them, the father was determined to seek international medical help.
Many hospitals around the world refused except Great Ormond Street hospital in the UK who had previously separated more than 30 sets of conjoined twins including Safa and Marwa.
Aged 8 months, the twins and their father moved to London where, after further examination, another massive shock was to learn that Marieme’s heart was dangerously weak and if not separated, her health will deteriorate and she will die and her sister will also die. But also that separation meant that Merieme had to die for Ndeye to survive.
The father was faced with the hardest decision of his life: giving his permission for the separation surgery and letting Merieme die or letting both die?
The father refused separation and chose to fight with the girls, a decision that he will live with all his life.
And you guys! what would you have done? Comment below!

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