Their DNA Mutation Gives Them Bones of Glass and They Break!

Zoe, 6 y-o, and Kaden ,5 y-o, have such fragile bones they break as easily as glass. Both have broken their bones more than 100 times !
Zoe’s parents report that when Zoe was a baby her bones would break from the wind! Even startling was dangerous for her!
Kaden mom says that, as unbelievable as it sounds, he would see his bones break if he sneezes or if the car ride is bumpy for example.
Both Zoe and Kaden were already suffering from multiple fractures even before being born which were observed through Ultrasounds! Their parents were urged to terminate the pregnancies which they refused. Against all odds, both kids survived but had to go through many surgeries.
Zoe and Kaden, both have rods inserted in their long bones to prevent the bones from bending because of the frequent fractures. Zoe also had a surgery to stabilize her bending spine and permanently wears a neck brace and uses a wheelchair.
So what causes them to be this delicate and fragile?
Zoe and Kaden suffer from a rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta caused by the lack of type I collagen. There is no cure for this disease and the severity can vary for each individual. Watch this video for more.
Both moms have learned how to manage the condition and are able to splint the fractures themselves without doctors intervention.
Despite all the pain and complications, Zoe loves painting and playing with other kids and Kaden is a big fan of superheroes and is very creative.
The future seems brighter for both as their muscles get stronger with age and therapies and help protect their bones causing less fractures and a more normal life.

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