3 People With Skin Conditions That Evolved to a Never-Seen-Before Level!!

Sabrina 23 from North Carolina lives with the worst case of Psoriasis ever seen! 90% of her body is covered with red itchy and painful skin patches. This hereditary auto-immune disease affects the skin but is also accompanied by fatigue, swelling and anxiety. Sabrina reports that she can’t work anymore because of her disease. Mother of 2, her condition worsened with every pregnancy to the point where she couldn’t even hold her babies. There is no cure for psoriasis but treatments exist to ease the pain. Sabrina says that having a family helped her overcome her depression and accept her condition.
Next, we find Lucas 11 from Alaska who also suffers from a very severe case of Giant Congenital Nevus that causes him to have a giant birth mark but also small tumors all over his body called neurofibromatosis. Added to the apparent symptoms, this rare disease also impacts Lucas’ spine and brain. Despite all this and the recent brain tumor, Lucas is a quite happy kid who enjoys racing and video games like any normal child. To fight bullying and raise awareness, Lucas and his parents decided to tell his story on social media.
Tessa 25 from Amesterdam is also very active on social media to help people who live with her condition. She was born with a 1-in-100,000-people disease called Sturge Weber Syndrome. A very rare disease that causes her to have a Port-wine stain on the face but also a glaucoma that made her right eye blind. Tessa fully accepts her condition and doesn’t try to hide it or get rid of it and refuses any laser skin treatments.

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