My Twin Is Growing On My Belly!

The 1-in-1-million rare pair of twins were born in India in 2016 sharing a liver but having separate hearts and lungs. Doctors decided after 9 days that one of them had to die.
“It was as if one small child was sitting on another child” reports their doctor Anurag Singh who performed the separation surgery which was highly risky with 80% mortality rate and was fatal to one of the twins.
So why the small baby was not given any chance to live?
To better understand we have to understand the difference between a conjoined twin and a parasitic twin. A parasitic twin or also called unequal conjoined twin is not fully formed like a conjoined twin and depends on the other twin for survival. The pair does not separate in the womb and only one develops fully.
In Sonni’s case, the unnamed parasitic twin who had no stomach, no intestines and a not-fully-formed brain was weakening Sonni’s health and had to be removed. Many ethical questions arise for this type of twins as the separation means killing one of the babies. Watch this video for more.
Luckily for Sonni the separation went well and he was discharged from hospital after 12 days.

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