My Twin Is Growing On My Back!

Baby Dominique was born with 4 legs, yes. But this is not a genetic abnormality, it’s more than that! It’s her identical twin growing on her back!
Dominique, born in 2016 in Ivory Coast, has what appears to be 2 extra legs on her back. Aged 9 months, she was brought to the US by the non-profit organization: Children’s Medical Missions West to be treated in Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois.
After thorough examination using medical imagery, doctors found out that Dominique was a very unique case. In fact, she was born with her parasitic twin’s bladder, waist, legs and feet on her back but also she had two functional spines!
A parasitic twin or also called unequal conjoined twin is not fully formed like a conjoined twin and depends on the other twin for survival. The pair does not separate in the womb and only one develops fully.
Doctors needed to operate Dominique as soon as possible because her heart and lungs were working for 2 bodies but also because the parasitic twin will continue growing as she grows causing deformities and pain.
The surgery lasted 6 hours and involved 5 surgeons and more than 50 physicians who were able to completely remove the 2-lbs parasitic twin. Dominique was left with her 2 spines as they were both functional and presented no potential risk.
6 Weeks later, Dominique was reunited with her family in Ivory Coast after 2 months in the US. Her mother said: “I never thought that I’d see my daughter like this […] thank you to the American people who helped my little Dominique, who allowed her to have a normal life, like other children.”

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