Conjoined Twins Carmen and Lupita’s: 2 legs and 4 arms! 2019 Update!

Famous Mexican-American conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita Andrade impressed the world with their unusual physique and abilities.
So, What are they becoming now?
For those of you who don’t know the conjoined sisters, Carmen and Lupita were born in 2000 in Mexico and moved with their family to the US for medical help for their very unique case.
The way the sisters are connected: sharing liver, circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems, makes their separation almost impossible and too risky. The girls themselves are very opposed to being separated and feel complete with each one controlling two arms and a leg which demands a high level of coordination for every day tasks.
So where are they today?
Aged 19, we find the girls in college where they pursue a degree as associates in veterinary technology, animal science and agriculture business following their passion.
Carmen and Lupita report that they want a relationship but that they are not ready for it as they are currently focused on their studies and that they have troubles imagining how it would happen.
The twin sisters remain active on Instagram and Youtube where they post regularly about their lives and the challenges they face.
For a similar update on conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel watch this video!

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