Weight Loss ~ They Refuse to Hide Their Loose Skin

Loose skin: is it a reminder of your strong will that made you lose weight or a reminder of years of neglecting your body?
Even after losing 294lbs in 2 years, Natasha still perceives herself as fat because of her loose skin. She reports that her skin makes her feel that there was no point in losing all that weight. At age 40, Natasha weighed a shocking 507lbs that she says was due to her eating her emotions after her brother passed away. After a gastric bypass surgery, she lost the weight but her loose skin was worse than what she expected. Natasha wants cosmetic surgery to match her efforts with her actual body.
On the other side, Chris feels proud whenever he looks at himself in the mirror! Even if he refers to his loose skin as the “hard truth of weight loss”, he sees through it all the progress and determination that brought him where he is today. Not long ago, Chris used to weigh 360lbs caused in majority by unhealthy habits but also aggravated by his biological mom’s suicide. After doctors warned him that he risks to die young because of obesity complications, he lost half of his body weight: 180lbs by changing his habits.
Next, we find Megan who reports being grossed out and disgusted by her own loose skin which prevents her from feeling like a woman. For her, her skin makes it look like nothing has changed, her body still has the same shape even after losing 225lbs. Before her bypass surgery Megan weighed a staggering 430lbs. Now, she feels stuck and has only one goal in mind.

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