My Giant Leg Is Half My Body Weight!

Localized gigantism is a very rare condition that causes body parts to grow to shocking proportions. We have already met Kaleem and Tariq who both suffer from this condition that gave them one of the biggest hands in the world. To know more about their stories the links to their videos are in the description below.
Today we meet Vedant Joshi, 4 y-o from India, whose giant leg accounts for almost half of his body weight!

Despite carrying around an abnormally big leg that measures 11 inches and weighs 12lbs, Vedant is still able to walk, run and even play soccer! And even if he does not feel pain in his leg, he still suffers from bullying and how other people treat him. As his father reports, he was not allowed to go to school because he would scare other children with his giant leg.
His parents took him to see many doctors but none was able to put a clear diagnosis and provide a treatment. The father has so much pain for his son that he says that he would have aborted the baby if he had known that he had this crippling condition.
Vedant’s leg kept growing with him and will most probably reach unimaginable proportions in the future. Although doctors agree that it is not a life threatening condition, many suggest that amputation is the right option which the father refuses hoping for another treatment.
Like in Kaleem’s case, surgery to reduce the size of the limb remains the only alternative to amputation but the results are not very satisfactory and it won’t prevent the limb from growing again.
Vedant’s future remains uncertain and difficult if no help and no continuous follow-up are provided.

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